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Common Emergencies Due to Excessive Heat

The body is adapted to a certain temperature range. When body temperature falls too low or too high, vital body processes can be significantly affected resulting in a host of health problems. Exposure to excessive heat such as prolonged stay in hot environment, especially during summer, and poor workplace conditions can lead to emergencies. Disclaimer: […]


Even though splinters may be painful, they are easy to treat. Start by recognizing the type of splinter that has landed into your skin, this can be wood, glass, fibreglass etc. First aid The material posted below is for information purposes only. To learn and receive “hands on” training on this and many more subjects enrol in […]

Dealing With Back Problems and Injuries

Most people will experience minor back problems at some point in their lives. Although body movements do not normally cause problems, it is not surprising to develop unpleasant symptoms due to ageing  injury or overuse. Back problems often result from work-related tasks, recreational activities, sports and household chores. Back pain affects any part of the back […]

Appendicitis: Causes and Symptoms

Appendicitis is a condition which results from the inflammation of the appendix. This condition is not covered in first aid training, however, rescuers may come across patients that require further medical attention such as those with appendicitis  The appendix is an appendage or a tin tube that projects out of the large intestine, on the lower […]

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