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Painful Swallowing

Painful swallowing is also called odynophagia. It is often described as any pain characterized by a squeezing, burning sensation that occurs anywhere between the neck and breastbone (sternum). Painful swallowing may be symptomatic of simple infections or a serious underlying medical disorder. Painful swallowing is often confused with difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), a sensation that food […]

Febrile Seizures: Types, Causes, Signs and Symptoms and Treatment

            Febrile seizure is a convulsion in a child elicited by a fever. It is also called febrile convulsion. It can be very frightening and distressing for parents and caregivers to see children going in a fit, however, it is usually harmless and does not frequently pose long-term effects. It is especially common in children […]

Appendicitis: Causes and Symptoms

Appendicitis is a condition which results from the inflammation of the appendix. This condition is not covered in first aid training, however, rescuers may come across patients that require further medical attention such as those with appendicitis  The appendix is an appendage or a tin tube that projects out of the large intestine, on the lower […]