CPR Training Courses in Thunder Bay

CPR Training Courses in Thunder Bay
CPR Training Courses in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay First Aid offers students quality training for very affordable rates in Thunder Bay, Ontario. This provider is associated with St Mark James, with all instructors certified by St Mark James as well. Students can choose from three different “levels” or CPR categories, each focusing on a different topics. The three levels are A, C, and HCP, the first two for first time trainees and the last for health care providers. The Thunder Bay First Aid website has a complete list of classes that you can choose from.

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Thunder Bay First Aid Training

The three levels for CPR training as 4, 5, and 6 hours long respectively. CPR A teaches first time trainees adult CPR while CPR C and HCP teach first time trainees adult and pediatric CPR and AED. The full programs include basic first aid training as well. All of these categories include training with automated external defibrillators or AEDs. AEDs supply the heart with needed electrical shock during CPR.

To pass a CPR training program, a student needs to have:

  • Complete attendance
  • At least 75 percent on the written exam
  • Good demonstration for CPR skills (chest compressions, rescue breaths, positioning)


Certificate cards from St Mark James are awarded to all students upon completion of a training program. Bigger certificates (wall-mount sized ones) can be requested. After three years, all certificates have to be renewed through recertification classes.

Thunder Bay First Aid has recertification programs at least two times a week, with CPR C and HCP certification available. The re-cert classes range from 3 to 8 hours in length.

Private training

Thunder Bay First Aid also offers students the chance to get trained in the comfort their own home. Instructors are available for hiring for training at home or for events like conferences and seminars. You can ask for rates and schedules through e-mail or telephone call.

Asthma Inhaler
Using an inhaler during an asthma attack


Thunder Bay First Aid offers students different ways to sign up for CPR training. The most popular way, especially when you want to enrol but do not have time to do so, is through the registration form on the website. After choosing the program from the website’s list, you can sign up and choose a schedule using the form. Enrolment can also be completed through e-mail, but expect replies during business hours only. Likewise, do make your telephone calls and if you want to enrol in person during business hours as well.

Tuition and training fees

All fees are paid in full before starting training so students don’t worry about expensive fees because of additional expenses. Everything is paid and itemized during enrolment – tuition, taxes, certificates, registration (with St Mark James), and training manuals. Students don’t have to spend anything during or after training.

Students who drop out are entitled to a complete reimbursement. Just remember to notify the Thunder Bay First Aid staff at least 72 hours before you drop out.

Did You Know?

First Aid Management and Sickness Prevention
Bedsores are common in bedridden patients


Stage 1: skin is red and does not blanch or turn white when pressed, area is warmer than the rest of the skin

Stage 2: open wound affecting the top layer or skin (dermis), shallow, pinkish, and basin-like wound

Stage 3: open wound affecting all layers of skin, may expose subcutaneous tissue or fat

Stage 4: open wound, very deep, exposes muscle and bone

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