CPR Training Courses

Learn the latest CPR techniques by enrolling in a course today.

Learn the latest CPR techniques by enrolling in a course today.

We are a proud training partner of St Mark James. All of our courses teach candidates the skills to drastically improve the chances of survival for people who are in cardiac distress. Millions of people every year die of cardiac arrest. The first few minutes are crucial to the survival of the victim. Without help from people who have received hands on CPR training the chances of survival are almost non-existent. By taking a St Mark James CPR course you will have the ability to save the life of a loved one, neighbour, friend or stranger. Become part of the chain of survival and learn CPR. Visit our CPR training locations page to find a provider near you.

Cardiac Arrest and CPR

When a patient enters into cardiac arrest he or she no longer has the vital supply of oxygen circulated through the body. Without oxygen, the vital organs such as the heart and brain begin to day. Within minutes of cardiac arrest, without the help of rescuers with CPR training, the brain receives irreparable damage, soon after, death occurs. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), when done properly, artificially continues to circulate oxygenated blood through the body and sustains life.

CPR Combined With Automated External Defibrillators

Candidates registered in a CPR course will receive training in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED). When a victim enters cardiac arrest the electrical impulse that triggers the beat of the heart enters a irregular rhythm. These rhythm’s include ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation. These irregular rhythm’s can only be repaired by using an AED. When these rhythm’s are present the AED “shocks” the heart, which in turn flat-lines it and hopefully returns into a regular rhythm. In a St Mark James CPR course candidates will learn to apply and troubleshoot AED’s.

CPR Mannequin and AED Trainer

CPR Mannequin and AED Trainer. Used in all St Mark James first aid and CPR training courses.

Stand-Alone CPR Training

CPR courses can be divided into four stand alone CPR courses. CPR level “A” is the most basic course. CPR level “C” is a more comprehensive course that includes victims that are adults, children and infants. Health care provider CPR, CPR “HCP”, is the most comprehensive CPR course that is designed for people that work in the health care industry. More information about these courses can be found by selecting the different menu headings.

Through the use of this website we hope to guide you to the right course near your locations. We help to offer CPR courses throughout Canada and convenient locations at the cheapest prices. For more information on CPR training in your area select any of the highlighted links. We hope to persuade you to become part of the chain of survival. Learn to save a life by taking a St Mark James CPR course.