Los Angeles CPR

Los Angeles CPR stands out at the top of list of CPR training providers in the city of Los Angeles. We have quality training programs for quality fees. We pride ourselves in offering very affordable rates for all our programs, while maintaining the top-notch quality of the training we give students. Enrollment is quite simple and hassle-free; the most popular way of enrollment is on the Los Angeles CPR website with the online form. Other ways to sign up for training with us is through e-mail, telephone call, or in person.

Training certification for CPR and AED

Training instructor
A training instructor teaching students about the 2010 BLS guidelines (American Heart Association)

We award all our students who complete their chosen course with training credentials once they complete the following requirements:

  1. Complete attendance
  2. Passing grade on the certification test (pre and post-test)

The credentials expire after a total of 2 years. To keep them valid, we require rescuers to sign up for re-certification training before the expiration date. If the rescuer’s certificate expires before he or she can sign up for re-certification, he or she has to take the training program again.

We offer re-certification for the following courses: (1) Basic Life Support for HCPs, (2) Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and (3) Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Los Angeles CPR programs

We at Los Angeles CPR have five training programs available. Three are under basic CPR and two are under advanced CPR training. Out of these courses, only one is for the general public or laypersons (people who do not work or are not involved in healthcare).

Basic life support

  • Heartsaver CPR has two programs, the general public course (that is 4 hours long) and the healthcare provider course (4.5 hours long). This program teaches trainees about one-person rescue and basic first aid. First aid covers common injuries such as minor cuts and sprains. Re-certification isn’t available for this program.
  • Basic Life Support for healthcare providers is an HCP-only program that runs for 4.5 hours. It covers training for one and two-person CPR rescue on top of the 2010 Basic Life Support guidelines from the AHA. Re-certification is 4 hours long for this program.

Advanced life support

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a two-day long course, 16 hours in total. It covers medical management for adult patients. Medical management includes the use of medication and equipment for cases of cardiac arrest.
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support is also a two-day course, 14 hours in total. It covers the same basics as ACLS but adjusts the curriculum for pediatric patients. Pediatric covers patients younger than 18 years old but our lessons typically focus on infants and toddlers.

CPR and saving lives

CPR is one of the most basic lifesaving skills to have. Chest compressions and rescue breaths are part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. These two skills hand-in-hand can help restore the spontaneous circulation of blood in the body during cardiac arrest. Compressions pump the heart while rescue breaths oxygenate the blood. Immediate CPR once cardiac arrest has been recognized can raise survival rates of victims by as much as 20 percent if done correctly and timely.


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