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The Different Kinds of Poison

Poison pertains to any solid, liquid or gas substance that can result to health impairment, and even death, when introduce into the body or onto the skin surface. There are four ways of introducing the poison into our body: (1) ingestion – by mouth, (2) inhalation – by breathing, (3) absorption – by skin contact, […]

Patient/ Casualty Handling

Patient/ casualty handling talks about how to give proper management to an injured or sick individual should an accident or emergency take place. Patient/ casualty handling has three components: (1) emergency rescue, (2) transfer and (3) initial triage or tagging. Patient/ Casualty Handling: Emergency Rescue One of the components of patient/ casualty handling is emergency […]

Heat Emergencies

Heat emergencies are caused by prolonged exposure to hot weather or extreme heat. Other causes include excessive exercise, dehydration, heart disease, sweat gland problems and wearing too much clothing. There are three categories that occur in increasing severity and becomes more worrisome, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. Although it can occur to anyone, including […]